In the farthest end of our world, on the top of the highest hill which no human could scale, where the Sun was so close that snow never fell there, there was the Wonderland, the land of fulfiled dreams. The Dreamies were beings who lived there. All Dreamies were girls, none of them was a He-Dreamie. They were the happiest creatures on earth. They were more or less like we are, but if they had breathed in and out, winked and then said a secret word, then they could fly. That was how they reached that top of the world. Every Dreamie had a magic stick. If she waved the stick up and down twice and then said her wish loudly enough, the wish came true. They could wish almost anything except a few things. But if a Dreamie kissed a man lovingly, then she could cast a wish, which could be anything, absolutely anything, because it was her last wish. After that she was not a Dreamie any more, she became a human.

Every year a stork brought a new little Dreamie. This Dreamie lived there one hundred years and then on the day, when the stork got over there with the new young Dreamie, she dissolved. As you can easily count, one hundred Dreamies lived there, each one a year older than another. In that way every Dreamie knew which day would be the last one and she could prepare herself for that. As you can quess, the date of the last day was one of the things they could not change using their magic sticks. They lived happily those one hundred years and then, when the fatal day came, the oldest Dreamie gave a last glance to all her sisters and then with a smile she turned into a small white cloud, which was blown up.

Right in the center of the Wonderland a lemon tree grew. If a Dreamie had picked a lemon and sucked its juice, then during the night she had a dream about the world which lay below the Wonderland. In that dream she could learn how ordinary mortals lived. The clever stork warned them not to suck lemons often, because knowing too much could be dangerous. But one Dreamie called Miracless did not bother about his words and she sucked a lemon each day. So every night she had a dream about the world outside the Wonderland.

Soon dreams did not satisfy her anymore and therefore she visited the world of mortals. She was so fascinated that she spent the best part of the day amongst mortals. Since that day Miracless had visited their world every day.

Once she had met a man, who had been so charming, that she could not resist and she fell in love with him at first sight. She was of the age, when she was the most beautiful Dreamie in the Wonderland and in that case also the most beautiful being in the whole world. There was no girl who could compete with her. It is no surprise that this man also fell in love with her. They were so happy being together that Miracless decided to give him a kiss of love. And so she did. At that very moment her magic stick said in a voice which only she could hear.

"Oh you poor Dreamie. You have kissed a man. You know the rule. Now you have to cast your last spell. Be very clever and use your chance wisely. It is up to you what the future will be: the happiness or distress. What is your last wish, Miracless?"

Miracless took a look on her lover and thought: 'What else can I desire than happiness which never ends?'

"I want to love this man forever."

If the magic stick had had eyes, then it would have given her a look full of commiseration, because it was a very knowing stick. But it had not, so it could only say:

"You have chosen your destiny. Let it be as it was said. "

And after that the magic stick disappeared.

Miracless and her lover lived together many happy years. They soon married and it seemed nothing wrong could happen to them. Miracless was thinking that she had been very smart casting that wish. What else could she demand than long lasting happiness with the man she loved the most?

As the time passed, her husband got older and older and she was the same - she was still the most beautiful person in the world. That is because when she had asked to love him forever, she had gained immortality too.

One day her husband died. She felt a big sorrow. She thought she would die because of her grief. But she did not die as she was immortal. She thought she would find another man she could love and who would love her too for she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. But she did not because of her wish to love only her dead husband forever. She could but wander the world and tell her story to every child, so nobody would make the same mistake again. Every Dreamie should live wisely these one hundred years which are assigned to her, and not to desire eternity. And it is valid even more for humans, who do not know, which day will be the last one. That is because eternity is long lasting till its end, which never comes. And it is too long for one life.