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Well well, so you have come here, have you not? If you have decided to enter this page you must be really very curious and very serious about learning me personally. Then do not hesitate to contact me via email.

That page differs from the others I created. That is because I want to stress it is really personal. It is a kind of dead end - you can not access it via any link and you can not get anywhere else from here.

Following links are dedicated to one very special lady who appeared in my life and turned it upside down. She made me the happiest guy in the world when I was in her presence and made me the most depressed man when I perceived I would never be her boyfriend. Thanks to her I lived my most beautiful and also most terrible days of my life. Imagine you have met a person, so special that there is only one like this per million. 99% of men search for her and never succeed. I praise God few times a day for her love, I fall asleep with her face in my mind and I pay her my first thought when I wake up. I had not been weeping since I was six till the day I realized my love to her and the barrier which is between us.

If you have ever fallen in love so deeply, that you would stop the Earth spinning, would switch off the Sun, would add the second Moon and lower the sky to her feet, so affected by someone that you would kill or commit a suicide to fulfil her will, then maybe you understand my feelings.

I feel like a butterfly, who located the last flower on the meadow and then he found she is not blossoming for him, that she is devoted to another butterfly. Oh dear Andersen! If you had known me, you would have written The Little Mereguy instead.

If you dig in my heart - poem
Aching blues - poem
Immortality - fairytale

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