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Slave in the year 2222


I was on my way home from a long business trip, when my spaceship started to slow down. I checked all board systems for a problem. Everything worked well, the engines were on 70 per cent of their maximum power. Nevertheless I clearly felt that I was braked. I perceived strange shudder.

I looked on the screen with radar information. There was no ship in my neighbourhood. It was just a dream, I thought. At that moment a message appeared on the main display:

Power off your engines immediately and switch the control of your ship to remote control mode using channel five!

I did not understand what was going on. It was clear that somebody tried to take control over my spacecraft. Whoever he was, he had to be equiped with the most advanced technic, if he could hide to my radar and even more to brake my rocket. I tried to transmit SOS message. I was very scared when the message was received back almost immediately. Radio waves reflected from unvisible barrier. I was surrounded by very strong field which eliminated my effort to connect with other people. What a kind of technology. They had to be the Military Forces of the Galactic Army, or space pirates I heard a lot of unbelievable stories about, but never were seen by anybody. And if some one saw them, then nobody saw him anymore, that's for sure. I was certain that they didn't demonstrate all of their power they could handle. I found no way to defend my freedom, therefore I fulfil the command. I stopped the engines and switched to remote control. My captors took control over my ship and at the same time they turned up just a few tens of meters in front of my ship bow. This ship was of midle size, but very extraordinary built. Its long narrow body made an impression of the speed it could reach.

Next command interupted my observation.

Get ready to be teleported!

Before I could do anything I was disappearing on my seat and get materialized on the board of the other ship in their teleport-room. I had never seen that before! I thought till that time that teleports were needed on both places. These guys were able to take me directly from my seat.

I looked around the room I was tranported in. There was a woman close to the control panel. She was very slim and tall and she reminded me of her spaceship in some way. She had to be over 6'5" tall. Even if I had subtracted 6" she gained because of her high heels, she would have been still higher than I was. Hence she was very slim, her body gave you an impression of her strength. There was no fat, only muscles were visible on her hands, which only were not cover by a dress. Her dark blue eyes were watching me carefully. She weared a tight black overall with short sleeves and there was a wide belt around her waist. She weared a communicator on the left hand, which deffered a lot from all I had ever seen. No doubts about the fact, that it was a custom device. Well, it was a too small crew for a battle ship. No one else was there except the beautiful dark haired women. I know that most of things can work automatically, but during the battle any error can arise and then there is a time for men to take the place in the war. That is the reason why there are soldiers and probably even she-soldiers at the present.

I slowly came close to her and looked up in her cold eyes. I was waiting for the explanation of my capture. As she didn't say anything, I started to speak.

"What is going on here? Why did you attack me?! Who are you and what do you want? "

"You will learn when the time will come. Now, follow me!"

I wanted to tell her something very unpolite, but her sight discouraged me. I followed her through the corridors. After a short walk we entered a room, which should have become my home for the next couple of month. This piece of news surprised me a lot. I was astonished even more by the fact, that the room was quite small, only about six by nine feets and absolutely empty. Where I would sleep? There were only two transparent doors - one to the shower-bath and the second to the lavatory. She commanded:

"Now take a shower!"

I was waiting her leaving me alone to undress myself in privacy, but she stayed there and gave no sign to fulfil my wish. I asked her if she decided to stay there. Her simple answer was yes. It was not very pleasant for me, but what could I do? I would never hit a woman and I could not find other arguments after her 'yes'. Even more I wished to take a bath, so I had undressed in front of her and then entered the shower-bath.

I noticed through the plastic door that she was observing me all the time when I was taking a shower. When I had finished and was dried by warm wind, I returned to the room. I wanted to put on my clothes again, but couldn't find any. She was watching me when I seeked for my clothes for awhile and then she said I wouldn't need them any more. At that moment I lost my temper. It was too much for me to withstand her. Enough was enough. I shouted on her what she was doing. She replied calmly:

"Let's clear up our relationship. You will do exactly what I command you to do, and will not speak unless I ask you to speak. And if you do so, I will not punish you without any reason. Now lay on your back and spread your legs and hands. I will put bonds on them."

I stayed frozen and didn't believe my ears. 'What she affords to me?' I thought It was not acceptable any more. She slapped me in the face so strong that I fell on the ground. I heard her voice telling me that she meant that seriously. I understood she pushed me more and more and it was a question of time, when I would have to defeat myself with power. I took decision not to wait. I attacked her and tried to overturn her on the floor. It never happened. Instead I fled several yards in the air and then fell on the floor. I felt the weight of her body when she sat on me. She twisted my right hand behind me so strongly that I moaned in pain and then she strangled me. She told me in the soft voice without any sign of physical effort she spent to defeat me:

"I have forgot to tell you that you are not allowed to touch me, if I don't explicitly tell you otherwise. Another try will be strictly punished. Is it understood?"

Such humiliation. Be defeated by a woman! I felt I started to blush. Partially because of abuse, partially because of my strugled neck. The rest of my proud didn't allow me to answer her question. She twisted my hand even stronger and pushed her hand against my throat disabling me take a breath. I left the idea to continue in resistance and found that she persisted to answer her question. With a big effort I murmered 'yeah, sure'.

She was satisfied with my answer and released the strong grip. Then she rose and repeated her command to lay on the floor and spread the limbs. She pulled out metal stripes from somewhere and fastened them around my wrists, arms, ankles and thighs and one wider one around my neck. Then kneeling between my legs she put a strange thing on my genitals. It consisted from two connected rings with different diameters. The bigger ring was placed around my scrotum, the other one around the penis. After that she typed something on the communicator and the stripes got alive. They tightened a lot but blood could still flew through vessels.

"I have put on you the stripes which will help me to control you. If I want I can give you a shock into any limbs, I can strugle you and of course I have an ultimate control over your gennitals. You will have hard on on my command, you will cum on my command and you will not be able to cum if I forbid it. Men's power depends so much on this piece of flesh, therefore controling the prick is the easiest way to control men. I can stimulate it for several hours and not allow you to cum. You will do anything for me after several long minutes only to let you release. And of course an electric shock can be given to it too. The stripes monitor several of your vital functions, so I know exactly what is going with you and inside you. And they have also built-in protection. If you try to remove them, they will switch to punishment mode and will give you shocks untill I stop it. It means that you can spend a very hot night if you try to remove them in the evening. You will bless the God if you stay alive till the morning and then you will receive some more punishmnet for cheating. I will give you a small demonstration. Spread your limbs again. You know what will happen if you change your position. Meantime I show you magic with your funny stick, which is between your legs."

I spreaded my limbs and awaited next events. I felt tigling which became more and more intense. My cock aroused. It became biger and biger. It was pleasant. But it wasn't when several next minutes passed. Stimulation everytime stopped at the moment when I was right on my edge. It was realy horrible. I wished at least to touch the penis, but was affraid of possible punishment. I learnt that it wasn't good to violate the rules she set up. Nevertheless after several minutes I couldn't withstand further torture and I tried to help myself to cum. Before my hand could reach the penis, I felt terrible pain in it due to the fast muscle contraction evoked by an electric impuls. My hand was distorted and all musles were stretched. It was like an epilepsy attack. The hand distort in the direction, where stronger muscle was. After awhile I was given next shock. My Mistress as I started to title her in my mind, explained it to me.

"You will receive a shock anytime you move your hand too close to your body. And if you will not correct your position in a certain amount of time, next shock will be applied. Meantime the muscles are stimulate to make your task harder. You have to spend a lot of effort to do it, because signals from your brain to control your muscles interfere with signals coming from stripes. It can happen that you will totally lose the control over your body, therefore after one minute the program will change. You will receive weaker shocks but more often. It is fun to see, how your brain fights with your body, which refuses obedience. Now you know everything you should know. I will let you to enjoy the game. Don't worry, I will return."

She left me alone with these words echoing in my head.

I was going almost crazy when she finaly returned. She stopped the torture of my penis. I could rest till the next day, but I wasn't allowed to leave the room. Saying that she left and I didn't see her this day any more.

As there was no door to the room, I wondered, how it was secured, that I would not escaped. I got close to the enter and to put my hand outside. My whole body collapsed in cramp. Pain dismissed immediately when the hand was back in the room. If I had run away, I would have been squirmed in pain in the corridor and beged my Mistress came back and helped me. Very sophisticated prison though.

Next day I was woke up by kick. My Mistress was standing above me and commanded.

"Get up and follow me."

I carefully put only one hand outside the room to test, if the protection was still on or not. Nothing happened. So I encouraged myself and walked out quickly. It seemed she was expecting something like this and a light smile arise on her face. Probably she knew about my experiment last night thank to the hidden camera.

I was fed to the large room, where food was prepared for me. When I ate it, was commanded to lay on the bed, which is usually in medical department on big galactic ships. Such a bed is capable to measure all physical and even many psychical stages of the patient. I felt tigling run down my body. It scanned my physical structure. Somewhere in my mind appeared diverse sights and sounds. My brain responded and I could not control that. That is how the psychical scanner works. It was like somebody was peeking in my mind and reading my characteristics. I wanted to run away, but my body didn't follow my orders. I had never been in such a bad situation before. It was like being raped - raped body and raped brain. I was even more confused by the fact, that I started to like it, I mean being under other's control.

When the work was done, she admire:


It was obvious, that she was pleased, and I was proud of myself. I received an injection and then lost conscious.

When I woke up again, I felt very tired. She noticed that and she gave me an explanation what happened.

"Accordingly to your characteristics and intelectual level several algorithms of your training were modeled. After that short versions of them were aplied on you being in weak hypnosis. I measured the efficience of different approaches and elected the best one. You can relax for the rest of this day to refresh yourself. Your training will start from tomorow. "

Saying these words she had given me another injection and then I fell a sleep again.

The next day she awoke me very early saying that we had a lot to do. A special strip was fastened around my head. I recognized it was a device for measuring brain functionality. She wanted to know everything about me - what I felt, how did I like it

"First of all you have to learn to overcome yourself. When your Mistress command you to break your neck, you have to do that. It is not your task to judge the given commands, but to perform them. The reward for your obedience is love of your Mistress and that she won't punish you, or she will only for her own pleasure. And I will teach you, so it will be pleasurable for you too. Through my training course you will become a loyal servant, one whose the greatest delight will be serving your owner to meet her desires. You have to trust your Mistress, because she don't want to injure you. You wonder why, don't you? Simply because the prices on slave market are too high to destroy a slave for a short term pleasure. Beware of abusing this fact, because if you do so, she would buy a new slave instead of you, and what do you think what will happen with you then?"

I got it. I was kidnapped by a modern slave hunter. A woman who tame other people was staying in front of me. I had never heard that anybody would have been enslaved for at least three hundred years. Probably it was too expensive to buy such a toy, so only a few of the most reachest people could afford this. And those did not pride with that in public. Her job had to be very profitable, if she could afford such a spacecraft, which even Galactic Army or police would not have been ashamed of. Hell, where they are right now, when I need them? Was it possible, that nobody would have known about this kind of business? No, it would have been covered by the most powerful people, because who else could be a customer?

My train of thoughts was stopped by a voice of my governess.

"It seems to me, you finaly understand everything, so let's get to work now. I have no spare time. You are not only a slave in my care. Spread your limbs. I will whipping you and you will stay freeze. If not, you will be punished."

I hardly took requested position, when the first blame reached my back. I shouted out because of pain and surprise. Next strokes came very soon after the first one. When about the tenth stroke reached me I could not stand further and tried to avoid the next one. My mistress had typed something on her communicator and after that I felt impossible pain in my scrotum. I got on my knees and stooped. I tried to protect it by hands. It seemed that somebody was trying to tear off my cock and balls at one moment and pushed them deep inside me in another. It was terrible and never ending. When pain finaly dismissed, I heard my Mistress.

"I have warned you. Now stand up and we will continue."

I did as I was told, because I was affraid of being punished again. I received about twenty more strokes. I didn't move even an inch due to my fear. Then she got closer to me and replaced the stripe around my head with a helmet. It was a real multimedia helmet, one you can see and hear stereo like. From speakers I heard a command to bow and stayed in that position until next command would be given to me. Of course I would have been punished if not follow the command. A few moments later I saw some images and heard some strange sounds. Brain-washing! This beast did not let anything by chance. Not enough she tried to remake me using middle age methods, but evenmore she tried to reprogram my brain using the most sophisticated technics. I heard about curing mental illnesses in that way, and it gave quite a good results. What could I do? If I had tried to remove the helmet, I would have been punished, and I would not have avoided it at all. I had to withstand that and tried to minimalize the effect on me.

When I heard my Mistress commanding me to change the position, I realy appreciated it. My back hurted a lot due to a long time I was crooked. After that she removed the helmet and fastened a stripe again around my head. She had studied my previous reactions for a while and then she smiled at me satisfied. It was for the very first time I saw her smiling. What a beautiful smile she had, the most beautiful I had ever seen.

"You make great progress, so we can get into next stage. Follow my orders like a good dog."

She treated me like a real dog. I had to run on all four, jumped, carried her whip in my mouth and barked. She looked satisfied with my performance and I was happy as she was happy with me. She rewarded me with a meal in a bowl placed on the floor. Then she praised me and slapped like a dog I was allowed to lick her shoes. Then she escorted leading me on leash back to my no door-room. I was commanded to lay on the floor and wait for her return next day. As I was pretty exhausted I fell a sleep soon.

She awoke me by light touch of her shoe. She led me to the training room. I received the the same whipping as day before. The only difference was, that I had to thank for each stroke she gave me. That day I self-controled very well and stayed as a piece of rock during the whole procedure. Also brain washing was applied almost in the same way as day before as well as dog training. Later she escorted me back to my cell.

I went through the same scenario much more time later. It was the same day by day, but each day something new was added, my limits for pain were extended step by step. I was surprised when once instead of usual whipping was commanded to sit on a chair next to some special device. She explained me the functionality of several buttons and knobs. My task was to torture myself and express in that way my devotion to her. I did my best, because I wished to pleas her. I got myself so intensive shocks that I almost lost conscious. When she finaly stopped me, I was not able to stand up. She had injected some blue stuff directly into my vein and then carried me in her hands easily like I was only twenty pounds of weight back to my room. At that moment I felt my love and gratitude to her. She seemed to my like a mother taking a care about here child.

Next lessons were different. She told me, that one of the most important slave's duties was to satisfy any Mistress's request. And one very common request was to please her sexualy. Therefor next lessons had to be oriented to extend my skills in that filed. I was trined to erect without manual stimulation only on her command and as soon as possible. After several days I met her demands and she was satisfied with my performance. And she had let me know about her satisfaction.

Then she taught me a practical skills. I would never believe that so many sexual technics can even exist and it was realy unbelievable that one person can know so many of them. Even I had a lot of pleasurable times, I had never cum, because when I was on my edge, the ring around my scrotum stopped me and disallow me to ejaculate. It kept me still aroused and still ready to serve my Mistress.

Many next days or maybe weeks she trained me to gain different skills. She tortured me and she took a care of me too. She made me feel bad and made me feel good. Extreme pain swapped with extreme pleasure. I hated her at one moment and loved her at another. It was very extraordinary relationship, love in very vital, wild form.

Once I entered the training room, it was full of women. I was dismayed. All of them were wathing me with a lot of interest in their sights. I was looking for protection getting close to my Mistress. I was ashamed of being naked. I did not mind being naked in presence of my Mistress, but in front of so many woman? She observed my reaction for a while and then she begin to treat me as usually. Soon I got used to the presence of women. My Mistress tortured me and humilated me, and I folowed her orders without any hesitation. Soon I uderstood, that she wanted to demonstrate her control over me in public. In that case I could not fail. I had to to what I could, so she could be proud of me.

In one moment all women disappeared and stayed there only with my Mistress. Oh my Goddess, it was just another lesson! Or maybe a test? All these women were only holographic projection generated by a computer. I did not care, even if they would be real, the only important thing was, that I did, what my Mistress expected.

Next day I was examined in the medical department, the same where I was tested after the kidnapping. Many pictures were showed to me and many sound were played. She again measured my reactions. When she finished, she sadly announced, that my training was at the end.

After a long silence she added, that next day we would stop close to one space basse, where she would like to sell all trained slaves. Two other male and two female slaves were already trained too. It was like a bolt in the clean sky. I was shocked and felt like a child you had robbed of his favourite toy. And she had to notice my sadness, but said nothing.

I was crying all the night. Only at that mment I realized, that I did not fear of my future in the hands of brutal owner, but I was afraid of leaving my Mistress, a woman I hate at the begining, but adore at present. I wished to stay with here forever. The splitting would be the most cruel experience on this ship.

Next day I was escorted together with other slaves to the teleporting room. Our Mistress hold a speach to remind us of good manners she had taugth us, that our most important task was to obey our future owners. We all could lick her shoes for the last tie and then we took our places on teleprot spots.

I looked at her and she looked back to me, our eyes met. I was sure, I would not see her any more. I found in her face that she was thinking hard about something. I knew her as very resolute person, but that time she seemed to be uncertaint. Tears appeared in my eyes and I could not help myself to suppress them. She turned away and put her hands on the control panel then she typed something on the keyboard. I felt a vibration as our bodies were dematerialized adn then ....

Wow, I was not trasported, I stayed on the same place as I was a moment ago. I looked around astonished. Other slaves were already in cages on slave market place, only I stayed on the board of Mistress's ship. I looked on her a found her two eyes watching me. She smiled at me I started smiling on her too. Neither she wished to give up my presence.

"Come to me!"

She called for me and I run to her on all four and was very happy.

She said:

"I trained tens of slaves for others, so I have right to keep one for my personal use, haven't I? You were the best and most interesting piece I have ever caught. I wonder whatever I will be able to do with you."

And that was the first of my lucky comming days side by side with my Mistress.

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