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A woman and a man

Moula 1998

I will tell you a tale
about a woman and a man,
who are not very rare
just an ordinary pair.

There is no doubt
who is the head
who tops the household,
and who does the rest.

It is the man
who is in charge
who takes decisions
and solves difficult tasks.

It is his job to resolve
what they think about an emperor,
if politics is right in Japan,
or if UFO will visit the Earth next year

He always does laundry
and he keeps the house tidy
he prepares the meals,
because she is not able to deal
with such an important matter
which a male can do better.

Then what the woman does
is but a boring everyday tasks
like what they will wear
and what they will eat,
what money is spend
or where they should live.

Where to go for a holiday,
who they could meet,
when to start a new day
and when to fall asleep

Have I explained clearly enough
who is the leader and who is the drudge?

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