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Me personally:

I am a 26 years old submissive male living in Central Europe. I am single, non-smoker, I do not drink, do not take drugs and I am disease free. Two years ago I graduated on a technical university and at the present I work for a world wide known company.

I am very fond of female domination and very interested in Bondage & Discipline and Dominance & submission. I am not keen on sado-masochism. I don't like pain, but I am prepared to receive a corporal punishment in case I would break my Mistress's rules I would have sworn to follow. I like to take care about women, make them smile and most of all - pleased them in almost any way.

I am trying to find a dominant woman, one who would share my interest. I seek a special lady, who would understand my feelings, can give and receive a lot of love, knows what power is and can handle it wisely. I would like to become her obedient servant, one she can trust and can be proud of.

That is what I dream about and endeavour to make it a reality.

If you are interested in further exploration of my personality, my real life, then you can visit a page nonbdsmE.html in my domain

Any remarks? Mail me: Mail Moula