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I wanna marry you

Moula 1998

She was our English teacher and I fell in love with her since I saw her for the first time. I have to say, that English is not my native language, but it is required for my job. That is why we have foreign language lessons in our firm. Let me tell you more about her. She looked like exactly how I imagined a typical English lady: blond, blue eyed, slim, wide smile and noble behaviour. Exactly what would you expect if someone says 'a perfect woman'. When I heard her speaking for the first time, it was like a sound from the heaven. She had a velvet voice, which was nice to listen, but there was something more in her speach. Something what I could not determine and what made me feel good. I adored every minute I could spend with her. I was the first one in the classroom and the last one who left, just to have a few minutes in advance, when I could speak with her and be with her.

It is time to say, that I am very shy. I am not a kind of man who would say "hey baby, let's have a party". I wouldn't have been brave enough to ask her for a date, because I was affraid, that she would have found my approach to her as a sexual harrasment. I did not like to make her feel bad, so I kept a distance between us. Once we had an event from the firm and we invited her. Fortunately she came. My mood became much better, when I saw her there. I did not waste my time and joined her. We chatted and had a nice time. Later she asked, if I would have appreciated joining her for a walk next day. When I was nodding I had to looked like as a horny teenager. I was so lucky, so happy, I felt like I had wings and wanted to fly.

Next day we walked together along the river. From the beginning we talk about not very important things, but later we changed the topic and started to philosophize about relations between men and women, about our opinions about the life itself. I do not know, how she figured out my submissiveness, but she did. She could ask any question and I could answer it without being embarrassed, simply because of the way she asked and reacted on answers. When we moved away that day, I worried, if she would have been interested in meeting me again. She was interested and it seemed, that she enjoyed our first date.

Since then we used to meet every day. These were the hapiest days I ever had so far. She knew, that I would do whatever she wanted, and would heve not asked for anything unless she inquired about my wishes. It suited our both desires and we both felt comfortable with that.

Once she asked me about my desire to have an intercourse. I was honest as I am always and told her:

"Sure, that I would like, but I am not so horny to ask for it unless you give me a sign, that you want me to do so."

"I want you to ask for it and want you to desire it much more than you desire it right know. Probably you are not so willing to have it, because you masturbate, don't you?" she replied

"Yes, I do." I nodded and blushed at the same moment.

"Then do not masturbate, please. I want you to love me and I want you to lust after my body. Will you do so for me?"

"Yes, I will do it for you and for me, I will do it for us."

It was so easy to promise, but not so easy to acomplish. Whenever I thought about her, I had a strong compulsion for sex, but also I felt my duty not to go under my body demand. My volition fought with my hormones and I was proud of myself that my mind was stronger. It did not take too much time till I was really very horny and wanted to have sex with her.

Then several days later she invited me to her house. She prepared a wonderful dish for the dinner, which we spent in candle's light. It was romantic, reflection of flames in our eyes was like our eyes would have burnt themselves and our souls were so close to each other. When we finished eating, she sat down on a sofa and I joined her. We kissed and before I could do anything else she asked me to kneel in front of her and help her to take off her high heels. She wore them because she knew, how much I like them. After that I massaged her feet. After several minutes she signed that I had to stop and then she asked:

"Did you play with yourself, or were you a good boy and carried out the promise you had given me?"

"I did as I had promised."

"I trust you. Do you trust me too?"

"Yes, why not?" I answered quickly

"Let us test how much you believe me, then!"

"What do you mean?" I asked with rising fear in my voice.

"I want you to prove your confidence in me. I want to be sure that you will rely on me and will not reflect on my commands." she said with a mysterious smile.

"Oops, commands?? What commands? What are you talking about?" I asked in amazement

"Simply commands. You don't know what command means?" and she arched her brow

"Of course that I know what command means, but ..."

She placed a finger on my lips and softly pushed, so I stopped speaking. Then she told me giggling

"Sometimes you talk too much. You know, it's better to be quite and allow the future to surprise you. Do you like surprise? And do you like mystery?"

I was enchant by her words. And I was confused. I felt like I was a character from a fairy-tale. What did she tried to tell me via this puzzle? Did I charmed her so much that she became insane or was it vice versa? I answered positively her both questions. Then she said:

"Good! So we can try a test. Will you undergo this test to please me?"

Oh damned, there was nothing in this world I could not undergo for so beautiful and winsome woman, especially if she asked so nice.

"I will do anything you wish."

"Really? I am sure you will regret your words soon ..." she added with an evil smile

Her words made me shiver. What was her plan with me?

"You want to test me? So go on, tell me what should I do for my lady?"

"It can be unpleasant for you, but you can earn my respect, if you do exactly what I tell you to do. Or you can loose my respect, if you fail this test. Are you sure you want to take that exam?"

'What a hell is her plan?' I though and loudly said 'yes'. I endevoured to look like very self-confident, but in a reality I was a bit frighten.

"Alright then. Stay on your knees and turn your back to me. Good. And now stretch your hands in front of you and keep them in that position unless I say something else. In a minute I will put a plastic bag on your head. Soon you will consume all oxygen which will be there. You will stifle, but do not panic, I will remove the bag at the right moment, so you will not die nor get harm. You are supposed not to touch the bag with your hands, you have to keep them in front of you. That is the test that you believe me. Are you still willing to fulfil my wish?"

To be honest, I did not know. I was certain she did not intent to harm me, but what if she would have not recognized the right time and I would have died? I was not affraid of the death, but of a stupid death. To die uselessly - it is the worst way how to end life. On the other hand she asked me to prove my trust to her. And it was really a good way. Was not I mean my previous words seriously? I did! But it was in another context. Should have I better said no at that moment? Or could I trust her so much that I could allow her to decide about my life? It was time to decide. I stopped the train of my thoughts and dipped into my heart to find the answer on her question.

"Yes, I am willing." I told her finally

I could only guess how wide was her smile when she heard my answer. She stepped closer to me and I rised my hands in haste. Then she pulled the bag over my head. I stayed motionless like a piece of rock and breathed very slowly. I hoped she would have removed the bag soon. The space inside the bag was shrinking and expanding as I respired, but after each breath the space became smaller and smaller and the respiration was harder and harder. Soon I breathed very deeply and irregularly. I felt a strong compulsion to remove the bag and suppressed it only because I recalled my duty to follow her instruction. It was terrible. When she finally removed the bag, I almost fainted. My bellows nearly exploded due to the amount of oxygen which reached them so fast after that unpleasant diet. It tooks me several minutes to recover myself entirely. Only at that moment I mentioned that my cock was erected and I felt wet in my pants as I jerked off. I felt very awkward especially because it was clear she would mention my condition, if she already did not.

"You have handled this examination well. I am proud of you."

"Have I convinced you about my adherence to you?"

"Yes, I thank you. I know it was difficult for you."

"There is nothing I would refuse to do for you." I replied and felt like a middle age knight, who served his princess.

"Are you sure? What would you do if I demand something what is against your will?"

"I would do it, because it is under my will to pleas you."

"What if I will ask something what is wrong or against law?"

"You would not desire such a thing. That is why I trust you so much."

I answered with a smile. She smiled back at me and said:

"You are my little smart ass."

Saying that she had slapped me across the mentioned part of my body and then she came in front of me. She called me to stand up from my kneeling position. She pressed in my crotch and found my semierected penis.

"You made a pretty mess there. I think you would better get off your pants and wash them."

"But I have nothing else to put on." I resisted weakly.

"You will not be the first man I will see naked. Or are you just shy? If so I will call you Bashful, my little dwarf."

"Yes, I am a little bit shy. I think it is ridiculous that ..."

She did not allowed me to finish my sentence. She got very close to me so I could smell her scent. She unzip my trousers and pulled them down telling me:

"Maybe you will cheer up if I will get naked too?"

I was surprised. This idea got me hot and I had to giggle. She did not waste a time and started to undress herself. She pushed me back gently to the sofa and made me to lay down. Her fingers touched my breast and then ran down my body. My hands did the same to her. After a while she asked:

"Do you want me? Do you want to have sex with me?"

I wanted to cry YES YES, but my shyness did not allow me to say that. Instead I blushed like a small boy. I felt my cheeks flamed up. Seeing my abashment she teased me further.

"You bad dwarf, I can read in you like in a book. You want to say yes, but you can not, because you are so shy, my little Bashful. Or maybe you do not want to show your weakness? Or you are not interested in me at all?"

"I am!" I said quickly.

"Then answer my questions! Do you want me?! Do you want to have sex with me?! Tell me the truth!!"

These were not questions now. These were commands.

"Yes, I want you, I want you so much. And yes, yes, I want to make love with you. "

"Good! So beg for it, beg for my attention, my Bashful."

She stopped tickling my body and strongly grasped my wrists. How much I liked it. She knew how to aroused me. At that moment I wondered what she would do next.

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