Aching blues

Blues is a sorrowful song.
Please, do not take me wrong
if I tell you it is never bad,
it only makes you very sad.
For me blues is an easy way
how to share with people my pain

Let this song be my boat,
let these words freely float,
let the melody be an ocean,
let me speak out my emotion.
If you are sensitive and smart,
this song will anchor in your heart.

I had a friend and it was nice.
What a shame I can't live it twice!
She was beautiful like a swan,
I liked when we went out now and then.
It was pleasurable when we walked,
I very enjoyed when she talked.

I thought we saw each other very rare.
I wanted to change it, so I acted fair,
I was open, but said something wrong,
probably because sentiments were strong.
She did not appreciate that shift
and the penalty was harsh and swift.

She said "better not being friends".
Though I knew I didn't have a chance
that message took away my breath
and I started to search for Mrs Death.
Only a prospect of seeing my goddess anew
saved my soul and helped me to get through.

Thenceforth I have been waiting for one thing,
very simple one, I wish she would give me a ring
I believe, I was a good fellow and not just a bore,
such a bore, that she would prefer not seeing me anymore.
Till that ring I'll stay at home and won't take my shoes.
Now you know the reason why I have got the blues.